About Chima George

Chima George is the CEO of LIBPLUS CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL an Educational and multimedia organization dedicated to helping individuals, communities and organizations attain the mindset needed to become free, thrive and succeed in any area of interest.

He is also the president of LMI a non denominational and non profit outreach.

He studied economics and has a gift of communicating and breaking down hard to understand stuffs into practical and applicable information, with a passion to teach how the mind works and how individuals can engage their minds purposefully and positively for change and accomplishment in any area of interest.

He is a prolific speaker and author, he lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his wife and children.

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For bookings and speaking engagements for individual consultation, schools, faith based or corporate organizations, Associations etc

Contact chima George
Email: chimocha08@yahoo.co.uk
Tel. 08159570621

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